TS1 (G2)

C-PEN TS1™ (G2) is direct successor of the original TS1 and a USB connected scanner pen/digital highlighter. It works connected to a computer (PC/MAC).

TS1 is compatible with C-Pen Core software.


C-PEN Connect is a Bluetooth enabled scanner pen/digital highlighter with embedded character recognition.

ReaderPen Secure

ReaderPen™ Secure is an assistive device for independent reading and understanding especially designed for workplace use.


LingoPen™ is a language learning pen especially designed for students learning a new language, and students with English as an Additional Language (EAL).


ReaderPen™ is a reading pen with monolingual dictionaries providing word definitions. Supports independent reading and learning.


ExamReader™ is a reading pen for exams, approved by various exam boards, Level the e.g. JCQ (UK). Check with your special educational needs coordinator about availability in your school.