Using the reader pen as a word learning aid

Typically, a teacher might try to figure out what kind […]

october is world dyslexia awareness month

October is World Dyslexia Awareness Month

Did you know October is international dyslexia awareness month? Dyslexia […]

Woman holding a book over her face

Dyslexia vs reading difficulties

Reading is a key skill that opens the doors to […]


How university students with dyslexia can get support

You’ve graduated high school and you’re looking at the next […]

Dyslexia in Adults

In most cases, dyslexia is diagnosed in adults when they […]

Employers responsibility

How Employers Can Support Employees With Dyslexia

A diverse workforce is a source of creativity and potential. […]

Living with dyslexia as an adult

Living with dyslexia as an adult

Living with dyslexia as an adult means its challenges every […]

a man in glasses reading a book and a woman on the right side watching on the digital screen over the background of people in the bus

Assistive technology for dyslexia

5 to 17 percent of us have limited reading abilities […]

girl writing with a pen in the right hand over a background of classmates sitting at the desks

Manage Challenges of Dyslexia with Assistive Technology

Assistive technology can save dyslexics time and can help them […]

three small girls looking with smiling faces

World Dyslexia Day

World Dyslexia Day occurs every year on Thursday during Dyslexia […]

rows of desks in the classroom

Dyslexia in different languages

It becomes more and more evident that dyslexia, being the […]

a person filling the printed form with yellow pen in the right hand

Dyslexia during the first school years

Dyslexia during the first years is often hard to discover. […]

girl with headphones sitting at the desk, reading a book with help of assistive technology for dyslexia over background with bookshelves

About dyslexia in elementary school

There is a little chance that children with dyslexia in […]

Duscussing with smiling faces adults sitting at the table

Adult Dyslexia Support in the Workplace

Dyslexia brings with it challenges and opportunities, not least in […]

Tutor Using Learning Aids To Help Student With Dyslexia

Help for Adults with Dyslexia From the Government: Complete Guide

Every adult with dyslexia is unique. Some have found their […]