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ReaderPen and LingoPenPen both support connection to a USB Host (i.e. Windows PC, MAC, Linux computer, etc.).

Three modes of connection is supported.


This mode connects the pen as a USB drive to the computer making it possible to copy files (e.g. text files, voice recordings or any other file) between the pen and the computer.

NOTE: files copied TO the pen can NOT be viewed on the pen.

UPDATE: if ReaderPen/LingoPen uses firmware version 7.0.103 or 7.2.04 respectively (or higher) it is possible to upload/download files using Connect Desktop app.


This mode connects the pen as a USB keyboard to the computer enabling text to be scanned directly from paper to the computer (e.g. into a Word document). No software is required to be installed on the computer, but the scan language selected MUST be same as the keyboard language setting on the computer.


This mode disables all USB data and only charges the battery.

ReaderPen technical specification.

LingoPen technical specification.

ReaderPen Secure technical specification.

DictionaryPen technical specification.

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