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How to scan

The basics of scanning are similar for all C-PEN product.

  1. Make sure the pen left/right hand setting is properly set up. Go to Main menuSettingsLeft/Right Handed.
  2. Center the text line vertically as the pen touch the paper and the trigger is activated.
  3. Keep the pen rather straight up from the paper (80-90 degrees angle).
  4. Start moving along the text line as the scan light lits up. Be firm and quick but do not rush it.
  5. Move straight at a steady speed. Make sure that the text line stays within the scan opening as the pen is moved along the text. Note that slower is not necessary better. As long as accury is maintained it is ok to scan quite fast.
  6. The edge of the transparent windows is a start/end reference.
  7. It is possible to scan both left-to-right and right-to left without without adjusting any settings, though left/right hand use has to be set. See First Use (ExamReader), First Use (ReaderPen) and First Use (DictionaryPen) for details.


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