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Connect Mobile (iOS)

1. Download and install C-PEN Connect app

2. Connect C-PEN Connect with iOS app

The C-PEN Connect app downloaded in the previous step includes a wizard on this topic.

Start C-PEN Connect app.

Power on C-PEN Connect by pressing the Power button (item#4 in the device description) for 5 seconds. Wait around 20 seconds for the LED indicator (item #3 in the  device description) to switch to flashing BLUE.

The app will now connect to the pen, and the BLUE LED will turn to steady light.

Now we are ready to scan.

3. Using C-PEN Connect and its companion app

Everything and anything scanned will end up in the C-PEN Connect app “workspace”.

Text may be SAVED in a local text file. C-PEN Conect app features embedded (offline) translation and a generic SHARE function enabling:

Upload text/file to a cloud drive.

Share text/file with a friend.

It is also possible to have the text on the workspace READ OUT loud by means of iOS system TTS.


Instruction video



For more information about C-PEN Connect/BT10, check the Product page or our Knowledgebase.



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