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Power and charging

Examreader, ReaderPen and DictionaryPen contain a Lithium Ion battery.



  1. Connect the USB cable to a power source (AC adapter or PC).
  2. Check screen to verify charging has started.

The battery does not have “memory” and does thus not have to be completely drained before charging.

Battery indicator

A battery indicator on the screen indicates battery level (when device ON).

If device is OFF when connected to power source a battery/charge symbol is shown to indicate charging.

Cycle time for a full charge is around 3 hours.


Safety Precautions for Battery Usage

The lithium battery is hazardous. Any attempt to disassemble the battery is not allowed. If you disassemble or replace the battery, it may explode. Throwing it into a fire may also cause an explosion. Keep the battery and the device dry, and away from water or other liquid to avoid short-circuit. Make sure not to use the battery when it is damaged, deformed, discolored or overheated or emits an odor.

This product should be used with care in tropical regions. If you have questions on how to use the pen, please contact our technical support/service for help.


For more details, see Battery maintenance

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