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ReaderPen firmware upgrade

NOTE: it is important that the steps below are followed and that compatibility is secured prior to making any upgrade.


To upgrade you’ll need:


Upgrading compatibility

ReaderPen serial number range Firmware version
2415415110000251-500 Not possible to upgrade.
241541601xxxxxxx – 241541604xxxxxxx Possible to upgrade to version 7.0.69.
241541605xxxxxxx – 2415417100009359 Possible to upgrade to version 7.0.89.
2415417100009360 and higher Possible to upgrade to latest version.


Prepare for upgrade – IMPORTANT

  1. Make sure the ReaderPen battery is charged to at least 50%.
    • Check in Settings\System Information\Charge
  2. Connect the ReaderPen to your computer using the micro-USB cable and select U-disk mode.
  3. Backup your content by upload any data you may have on the device to a computer (the folders e_History, e_Music, e_Recorder, e_ScanFile). See THIS video for reference.
  4. On ReaderPen – go to Settings\Default settings and reset your device.
    • This operation will clean the ReaderPen from any user data – make sure you have secured it.
    • This step is important to secure sufficient space for the upgrade.
    • If memory space is insufficient, upgrade will fail and may cause the ReaderPen to malfunction.
  5. Check serial number of your ReaderPen


The upgrade process

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