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ReaderPen firmware upgrade

NOTE: it is important that the steps below are followed and that compatibility is secured prior to making any upgrade.


Check HERE for firmware history.


In order to upgrade you’ll need…

Your ReaderPen

A micro-USB cable

A computer (MAC, Windows or Linux)

Current software version and amount of internal memory of your ReaderPen

Go to Settings\System Information\Version and check Software version

Go to Settings\System Information\Internal Storage and check internal memory.


Free [memory] as referred to on ReaderPen in Settings = disk space available for user files

Free [memory] as referred to in the upgrade tools below = actual free space on disk


Upgrade options

Upgrades are incremental which means that you may have to upgrade several times to reach latest. Each upgrade may take 10-30 minutes subject to how much new stuff it includes.

To get started, click on the tab below that shows your ReaderPen’s current software version.


NOTE: the same download file applies independent if using Windows, MAC or Linux – except that the included upgrade exe file is for Windows only. Link to additional instructions for MAC and Linux is found below.


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