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ReaderPen Secure firmware upgrade

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ReaderPen Secure (C610S) firmware version history.



Important notices

An update is irreversable.

Make sure your ReaderPen Secure is charged to at least 50% prior to making the upgrade.

The updates are incremental and in case there is more than one newer version, the updates have to be applied one by one until reaching the latest.

What you need

Your ReaderPen Secure

A micro-USB cable with data wires (some USB cables are charge-only).

A computer (MAC, Windows, Linux).

The firmware update file (link below with instructions).

Current ReaderPen Secure firmware version:

To find current version, navigate ReaderPen Secure UI to Settings\System Information\Version

My current firmware version

This is the latest firmware version . No update is currently available.

7.4.01 is possible to upgrade to 7.4.03.

Download firmware update file: 7.4.03

Unzip and extract the file updatesys_7.4.03.BIN.

Connect ReaderPen Secure with the USB cable to the computer.

and enable U-Disk.

A new portable disk will appear on your computer – copt updatesys_7.4.03.BIN to that disk, then select to eject the disk.

On ReaderPen Secure, navigate to Settings\Software Upgrade and press OK button. Next select Yes and press OK button to confirm.

For more information about the steps to update the firmware see Pen upgrade instructions.

How to connect ReaderPen Secure to a computer as U-Disk



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