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Text is not scanned

This article applies to C-Pen Core and Connect Desktop installed on MAC OSX.


If software is installed properly and the scan light turns on as supposed but no text appears in your app – check these things…

  1. In System Preferences\C-Pen Core settings make sure that Enable Input Method and Text to cursor checkboxes are checked.
  2. In System Preferences\Security and Privacy and the Privacy tab, locate and click on Accessibility service. If C-Pen Core or Connect Desktop is not listed among “apps allowed to control your computer” or in the list but not checked, then add/check the app. To add an app you need to click on the lock at the bottom of the window to open it (password required). When the lock is open, click the + sign, locate the app and select it to add. C-Pen Core is located in /Library/Input Methods. Connect Desktop is located in Application folder.

If all seems to be in order, still try to click/toggle the check boxes and reboot. This especially applies if you have had previous versions of either of the apps installed on your MAC.

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