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Text Reader

The above playlist includes 5 (ExamReader) + 3 (ReaderPen) copies of the introduction to Text Reader, in all supported languages.
Select your model and your language, and view it for a complete description.


Text Reader is the main function of ExamReader and ReaderPen. Its sole purpose is to enable independent reading and is there for the user as much or as little as is required.

Text Reader function allows you to listen to single words or full paragraphs. It is possible to listen over and over again as many times as you like, and it is also possible to zoom in on specific words and have them both enlarged and pronounced. On top of that it is possible to set reading speed, and adjust punctuation and word pauses to your own preferences.

ExamReader has a built-in speaker, but it is also possible to use your favorite headphones (or the ones that come with the purchase).

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