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Does the pen(s) work with USB-C?

USB-C is a physical specification compatible with the earlier protocols used by the various C-PEN models.
A USB-C to USB-A adapter is however required.

Can I upgrade the ExamReader firmware?

Starting 2018, ExamReader has been updated to support software upgrade. For more information, see ExamReader firmware upgrade.


Can I upgrade the DictionaryPen firmware?

DictionaryPen firmware is possible to upgrade. See upgrade page for details.


Can I upgrade the ReaderPen firmware ?

ReaderPen firmware is possible to upgrade. See upgrade page for details.


Which product should i buy?

C-PEN products are divided into two categories: Education and Productivity.

Education includes ExamReader, ReaderPen, and DictionaryPen and are designed to promote independent reading and learning. Typical users include people with dyslexia, visually impaired people, people with special educational needs, or people studying in a language other then their first one.

Productivity refers to C-PEN products (i.e. the TS1) used to capture notes and quotes from textbooks or papers, or to enter printed text and numbers into business systems.


For more detailed specification, visit the Product page.


Is there a pen that translates?

Please check out DictionaryPen specification.

This product contains multiple first tier dictionaries translating to/from English.


Can the dictionary be turned off?
If the ReaderPen firmware version is 7.0.89 or newer there is a setting called Exam Lock that disables Scan to File, Dictionary and Recorder and leaves only Text Reader active.
If the firmware is older it is possible to update. Check here for details.
For DictionaryPen it is not possible to turn off dictionaries.


Can the pen software be updated?

Later versions of ExamReader is possible to upgrade. Check ExamReader firmware upgrade for details.

ReaderPen is possible to update. Check the product page, update section.

DictionaryPen is possible to update. Check the product page, update section.

For TS1, the main software is host based (Windows, MAC). Check Software and guides for latest download.


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Does the pen scan italic font?

Yes, all C-PEN models scan most commonly used fonts, including italic.

If you experience scan failures, please check our “How to scan” article.

For scan training it is recommended to start by using text prints with good quality (textbooks, magazines, laser printed documents etc.) before moving on to more challenging qualities (e.g. different colors,  dark backgrounds, etc.).


Is it possible to have dictionary definitions read out?

This feature is supported in the monolingual (i.e. English-English) dictionary.

Go to Dictionary\Dictionary settings\Reading settings and enable [Read def].

For more details see ReaderPen user guide.