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Pen upgrade instructions

If you reached this page directly, please head over to ExamReader firmware upgrade or ReaderPen firmware upgrade to get through the full process of upgrading your pen.

How to upgrade – step by step

Make sure your ExamReader or ReaderPen current software version is compatible with your upgrade. Check HERE for ExamReader and HERE for ReaderPen.

The .exe file in the recently downloaded zip file shall be disregarded.

Phase 1

If not already completed, download and extract all files in the upgrade zip (HERE for ReaderPen and HERE for ExamReader).

The files to be copied onto the pen-to-be-upgraded are located in fw_files folder. Check the video in Phase 2 for details.

The files and steps deviate slightly subject to which pen model and which upgrade it is – but the process is the same.


Phase 2

Connect your pen to your computer USB port.


Select U-disk on ReaderPen screen and press OK button and ReaderPen will show up as a disk on your computer.


Power on and navigate to Settings\System Information\Version and press MENU button. Now, ExamReader will show up as a disk on your computer.


When the pen appears as USB drive on your MAC, copy the file fw_files\step1\sysdict.BIN + to the pen.

The video below shows the procedure. ExamReader upgrade is managed the same way as the ReaderPen.

If you’re on Windows PC, it looks slightly different but the process is identical.

(NOTE: the .exe file shall be disregarded)


Phase 3

After each copying file(s) to the pen, detach the pen from the computer.


Navigate to Settings\Software upgrade and select to do the upgrade.


Press OK button rapidly three (3) times. This will trigger upgrade.

Phase 4

Repeat Phase 2 & 3 using files in subfolders fw_files\step2\sysdict.BIN, fw_files\step3\sysdict.BIN, etc. until all steps are done.