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Privacy policy at C-PEN

Our privacy policy applies to the following domains:



When do we collect personal data?

  • When you sign up for news on any of the domains listed above.
  • When you make a purchase on
  • When you register your product.
  • When you contact our helpdesk.
  • When you send emails with questions/comments to:
    • support [at] cpen [dot] com
    • sales [at] cpen [dot] com
    • admin [at] cpen [dot] com


What data do we collect?

Information you actually provide us:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Company
  • Web address
  • C-PEN products you register.

We also store:

  • Your time zone
  • Your location at the time of contact.
  • Your language, as provided by the system.


What do we use it for?

  • To help us provide the best support we can when you ask us something. Knowledge about which product you may have, if you contacted us before, what questions you may have had, etc., will give us better understanding.
  • To send information about new products, software upgrades, new releases, usability tips, etc.
  • To send marketing emails.


What do we NOT do?

  • We NEVER sell or trade any data. It’s between you and us only.


Want to opt out?

  • Every marketing or news email sent to you will contain an Unsubscribe link in the footer. Click it, unsubscribe, and you will not receive any email of that kind again.
    • NOTE: if your email address exists in more than one list, you will have to opt out from each list separately.
  • If you want your data completely erased, please send an email with your request to privacy [at] cpen [dot] com.



/C-PEN Team