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ReaderPen Secure guide

ReaderPen Secure is our workplace ReaderPen model. It reads text out aloud and provides definitions for scanned words – and supports independent reading and understanding. 

The device in secure in the sense that it is not possible to store any scanned text on the device. 


The device

  1. Power On/Off & Back button: Press 3 seconds to power device on or off. Press briefly to use as cancel function in the user interface.
  2. OK button: When a dialog box or options list pops up, press this button to confirm the operation. The OK button is also used to trigger reading text out loud in Text Reader mode.
  3. 4-way nav button: Press buttons to move focus up, down, left, right.
  4. Scan Trigger: Is automatically activated when the pen is in contact with the paper. It triggers scanning and turns on scan light.
  5. Screen: The device’s display screen.
  6. Not applicable in this model.
  7. Speaker: Used when text is read out loud. Muted when headphones are connected.
  8. Menu button: Press this button to display context menu (like right mouse click on PC).
  9. Scanning window: Frames the text to be scanned.
  10. Headphone jack: A standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. Speaker is muted when headphones are connected.
  11. Micro USB connector: Used for charging. To charge, connect to USB charger or computer USB port.
  12. Reset button: Pressing this button resets the device. It is recommended to use this button only when the device cannot be turned off properly.


OK/Power button

Powers the device on and off with a long press.
Briefly pressed, it acts as BACK / ESCAPE button.


MENU button

Access submenus/quick settings  by pressing MENU button.



Navigation buttons

Use nav buttons to navigate in user menu or in text files. 



OK/center button

Used to confirm actions.


Interactive prototype

Use this interactive digital prototype to get familiar with ReaderPen Secure.

For more details about menu options and settings, read below.

Menu structure

Below image represents ReaderPen Secure’s user menu structure. 

ReaderPen Secure can be used both standalone and connected by USB to computers. 

Standalone mode

Text Reader

In Main menu, use navigation button to scroll up to top – Text Readerand press OK button to enter. 

If you are lost in the menu structure, press BACK button repeatedly until you are back in Main menu

Scan and listen

Directly after entering Text Reader mode, ReaderPen Secure is ready to read text. Scan text and listen to it being read out aloud.

Quick settings (press MENU button)

Clear screen – select and press OK button to clear text in Text Reader screen.

Definition – select a word in Text Reader mode and press MENU button. Selecting Definition looks up word in a dictionary and shows its definition.

Select dictionary – select this option to pre-select which dictionary to use when looking up a word.

Adding mode – if set to Append, each new scan inserts the new text at cursor position (normally at the end). If set t Replace, each new scan erases the existing text on the screen and replace it with the scanned latest text.

Auto Read – if set to ON, scanned text is read out automatically (useful if reading single words or lines). If set to OFF, you need to press OK button to trigger reading (useful when reading multiple lines or paragraphs).

Scan Language –  set to match the language of the scanned text. This setting also selects the language of the speech voice.

Read settings – speech voice settings. Sets speed, pauses in between words, pauses at punctuations, and volume.


In Definition mode there is direct access to the dictionaries. Scan a word when the display says “Go scanning” and you’re off.

Select dictionary

Use navigation button LEFT/RIGHT to select dictionary languages and UP/DOWN to select which specific dictionary to use (some language may offer more than one dictionary).

Reading settings

Press MENU button to access Dictionary (read) settings. 

Read scan – if set to ON, then the scanned word is read out automatically. If set to OFF, press OK button to have it read out aloud.

Read definition – if set to ON, then the definition is read out automatically. If set to OFF, press OK button to have it read out aloud. 

Speed – sets reading speed. Higher number means faster reading. 

Word pause – higher value inserts longer pauses in between words when reading. Value “0” means no pauses. 

Punctuation pause – higher value inserts longer pauses when there are commas or period marks.. Value “0” means normal pauses.  

Volume – sets speaker/earphone volume.


Settings contains various global settings and information.

Menu language

Use this setting to select language of the user interface.

Talking menu

Enabling talking menu (Reading = ON) activates the audio menu feature. Each menu item is read out aloud, supporting e.g. visually impaired users to navigate the menu. Speed sets talking speed.

TTS settings 

Reading in some languages is supported by multiple voices/accents. Here is where the preferred one is selected. 

Read delay is a setting that activates a default delay between end of scan (when ReaderPen Secure is lifted from the paper) until start of text reading. This is helpful if some additional time is needed to prepare to listen to the text beibng read out.

Left/Right handed

The pen can be held with both left and right hand when scanning text. This setting needs to be set to reflect which hand is used.


Brightness sets the brightness of the screen. A lower value dims the screen, and saves some battery.


Use Date to set proper date. May be required at first use or if the battery has been completely drained.


Use Time to set proper time. May be required at first use or if the battery has been completely drained.

Auto shutdown

ReaderPen Secure automatically reduces power usage to save battery power. After a period of time the display is turned off. The Auto shutdown value sets the time until it powers off completely if not being used.

System information

State of charge shows battery level.

Storage space shows total memory space and total user memory space respectively.

Version shows the software, system, and hardware version of the device.

Dictionary information shows dictionary copyright information.

Software upgrade

ReaderPen Secure comes with free updates of software (if registering the product). Follow instructions here.

Default settings

Default setting reverts all settings and data back to factory values. NOTE: ALL personal data will be erased!

Run wizard

Run wizard triggers the “first boot” wizard to be executed. This is helpful to set the primary settings.

USB connected

ReaderPen Secure supports USB connection to host (computers). When connected, there are a few additional functions available.

These options appear automatically on the screen when connection is established.

Keyboard mode

Once Keyboard mode is selected, ReaderPen Secure is ready to scan text.

Scanning text

Directly after entering Text Reader mode, ReaderPen Secure is ready to read text. Scan text and listen to it being read out aloud.

Settings (press MENU button)

Press the MENU button gives access to Scan Language settings. Use this to set the language of the text being scanned.
NOTE: The keyboard language set on the computer MUST match the scan language of ReaderPen Secure.
I.e. if ReaderPen Secure scan language in Keyboard mode is set to English, so must the keyboard language of the computer be.


In U-disk mode, ReaderPen Secure connects to the computer as a portable USB drive. The drive is primarily intended to be used for pen software updates but can be used as a regular USB drive. ReaderPen Secure does not store any data on the drive, nor does it read any data from the drive – software update files excluded.


Selecting Charge in connected mode reverts ReaderPen Secure back to Standalone mode and its normal user interface and functionality – while charging the battery.

If ReaderPen Secure connects to a charger/power adapter there is no data connection and ReaderPen Secure will start charging directly and automatically without showing the Connected menu.

How to use ReaderPen Secure

Power it up

Press Power/BACK button for 3 seconds to power the device on or off.

Charge the battery

The battery can be charged from any USB power source, including power packs, power adapters and computer SUB ports.

Some USB cables contains both USB power and data wires, others only contain power wires. Both versions ofUSB cable, connected to either of the sources, can be used to charge the battery.

If using a USB cable with data wires and charge from a computer USB port, the Charge menu option needs to be selected for charing to start. With any other combination of USB cable an dpower source, charging starts automatically.

Scan text to computer

Make sure you have a USB cable with both power and data wires (e.g. the USB cable provided with ReaderPen Secure).

Connect ReaderPen Secure to a computer.

Select Keyboard mode.

Verify that the computer’s keyboard setting and ReaderPen Secure’s scan language match.

Open any text enabled app, e.g. Ms Word, on the computer and scan.

Upgrade software

Check this article.

Read text out aloud

The assistive reading function is referred to as Text Reader.

Use navigation and OK buttons to select and enter into Text Reader mode, then scan a text line.


  1. Make sure Left/Righ handed setting is set according to which hand is used to hold the pen when scanning.
  2. Make sure Scan Language is set to the same language as the printed language. 

Listen to single words

If scanning and listening to single words, it may be preferred to set Auto Read to ON and Adding mode to OFF.


Listen to paragraphs

If scanning and listening to full paragraphs, setting Auto Read to OFF and Append mode to ON is preferred.


Listen again

Use navigation buttons to position text cursor at a starting point and press OK button to read again.


Zoom in on words

Use navigation buttons to select  single word.

Press and hold the OK button.

The selected word is now enlarged and read out aloud. This is a nice feature if in need to repeat pronunciation of single words.


Look up words

Occasionally we run into word we need to look up for better understanding. When there is text on the screen, use navigation buttons to select the word, press MENU button to access the menu and scroll down and select Definitions. make sure to select a dictionary in the same language as the text on the screen. 

To listen to the definition, press OK button when definition is presented. 

To revert back, press BACK button.

Look up word definitions

Word definitions can be accessed in two different ways. Either through a shortcut using Text Reader or directly when using Definition mode.

When using Text Reader mode

Make sure to select the correct dictionary.
In Text Reader mode, press MENU button to access Quick settings, scroll down to Select Dictionary and press OK button. Now use navigation buttons to select dictionary.


Look up a word

  1. After scanning text in Text Reader mode, use navigation buttons to select a word on the display.
  2. Press MENU button.
  3. Scroll down and select Definitions.

When using Definition mode

Go to Main menu. Use navigation buttons to select Definitions. Press OK button to confirm selection.

Make sure to select the dictionary language is same as your scan language.

Scan a word to have the definition looked up.

Use Read settings to set if the word and/or the definition shall be read out aloud automatically, or when triggered manually.

How to scan

For best scanning result follow these steps.

  1.  Make sure Left/Right hand setting is set to reflect which hand the pen is held with while scanning.
  2. Aim for the text line to be centered in the transparent window.
  3. Lower the pen to the paper until the scan trigger gets activated and the scan light comes on.
  4. Move straight along the text line at a steady pace as far as you like to go.
  5. Lift up the pen.
  6. If the pen is set to read text automatically (check menu structure above), the text will be automatically read out aloud. If auto read is disabled, press OK button to trigger reading to start.
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