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C610S (ReaderPen Secure) firmware version history

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Release date: 2021-01


All ReaderPen Secure (C610S).

Changes vs previous version

Added “Exam Lock” which disables Dictionary function.


Release date: 2020-07


Initial release.


Supports British English, American English, Australian English, Indian English, Irish English, Scottish English, French, Spanish, Latin Spanish


Read delay. Insert an optional delay between scan end and start of reading.

Word pause. Insert an optional delay between words to slow down reading further.

Punctuation pause. Insert an optional delay at punctuation (comma, period, colon, semi-colon, question mark, exclamation mark).

5 level reading speed.

5 level volume.

Text Reader

Append/Replace text.

Words being highlighted when read out aloud.

Word zoom: Position cursor on a word and press OK button.

Re-listen to last scan: Position text cursor at end of text and press OK.

Re-listen from random position: Position text cursor at random position and press OK.

Cursor wrap around: At end of text, press Right button to wrap around to beginning of text. Press OK to start reading.

Auto read setting in Text Reader mode.

Clear screen in Text Reader mode.

Definition of words.

Pause/resume reading.


Supports reading of definition.

Collins English-English dictionary.

Oxford Primary Dictionary.

New Oxford American Dictionary.

Cordial French-French.

Larousse Spanish-Spanish.

Select to read word on Scan or OK button pressed (or OFF).

Keyboard mode

Connects to any USB Host and emulates keyboards – scans text directly to any app.


Connects to any USB Host as a portable USB drive. Enables user upgrade of firmware.