Empowering people through leading technology

We live in a world where education and knowledge are growing more important, as life and work grow more complex. And in this world, the adverse effects of learning disabilities are even more challenging than before. That’s why the effort to level the odds, giving every person the same chance of success, is more critical than ever.

C-PEN has a vision of a world where everybody has the same possibilities to succeed. And one key factor in achieving this is developing innovative tools and solutions to help everybody read, understand, and learn.

To empower them to be their best.

Using industry-leading scanning solutions, we make it easy to process printed text, empowering people’s ability to read, understand and learn

Our history

Created to scan, designed to empower

Our journey began in 1998 in Lund, Sweden. That was the year when a new innovative patented technology for a small sensor that could scan images and fit into a pen saw the light of day. It soon became the platform for many different applications, and one of them was C-Pen. Designed initially to scan printed text and data in general, people used C-Pen for various tasks in various contexts, like offices, industries, homes, and schools.

As the years passed, we started to see that our technology was especially well suited to help people with reading disabilities. It became evident that C-Pen had the power to make a significant difference in people’s lives.

So, in 2015 we decided to entirely focus our efforts to make the C-Pen the ultimate reading and learning tool for both children and adults in need of support.

Since then, we have constantly and passionately developed new user-friendly features and functionality of the highest quality. Today, C-Pen is the most versatile scanning pen on the market. Created to scan, built to last – and designed to empower.

Our vision and values

Our vision describes where we want C-Pen to be in a future scenario if everything goes our way. The vision is a source of inspiration that shows us direction, motivating us to do our best. Our values reflect C-Pen’s heart and soul. A compass, in a way, guides us in our daily work.

Our vision

A world where everybody has the same possibilities to succeed

Our values

Credible – We keep our promises, we base our solutions on proven technology, and we are competent

Respectful – We believe in people; we see diversity as a strength, and we are considerate

Open – We are transparent, inclusive, communicative, and accessible

Office: Virrata AB, Baltzargatan 25, 211 36 Malmö, Sweden