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Our resellers

Scanning Pens Ltd. Europe, United Kingdom,
C-Pen Shop Europe, Sweden,
Velvet System Australia, Oceania,
Jourist Verlags GmbH Europe, Germany,
Ectaco Inc. North America, United States,
Enabling Technology Europe, United Kingdom, by iansyst Europe, United Kingdom,
Medialexie Canada, North America,
CAT Information Europe, Spain,
C-Device Europe, Netherlands,
Milcom Denmark, Europe,
MV-Nordic Denmark, Europe,
attech computer
Activium Europe, Norway,
Gadget Shop Africa, South Africa,
Synetics Europe, Slovakia,
Ectaco-Russia Ltd Europe, Russia,
AutoID Polska S.A. Europe, Poland,
Eins GmbH Europe, Germany,
Haus der Sprachen Austria, Europe,
MySoft Europe, France,
The Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation of WA (Inc.) Australia, Oceania,
East West Online Australia, Oceania,
Spectronics Australia, Oceania,
Mac & PC Doctors Australia, Oceania,
Edit Microsystems Africa, South Africa, Africa, South Africa,
GAL Distribution Africa, South Africa,
Cadan Assistive Technologies North America, United States,
Schools Health North America, United States,
MaxiAids North America, United States,
Special Needs Computers Canada, North America,
Connections The Campus Store Canada, North America,
Anastasis Cooperativa Europe, Italy,
Micromail Europe, Ireland,
Edtech Software Limited Europe, Ireland,
Scanning Pens Inc. North America, United States,
Scanning Pens Corp. Canada, North America,
Scanning Pens Pty Ltd Australia, Oceania,

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