Using C-Pen at home makes it easier to understand, whether you are learning to read, study a new language, or just doing your homework

The learning process doesn’t stop just because you leave school and head home. You still must practice, do homework, read books, and keep up the progression. With C-Pen, you get a tool that empowers you and your child’s ability to study autonomously, whether it’s learning to read, a new language, or study for exams. C-Pen is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it beneficial and convenient regardless of the user’s age or digital experience.

A girl sits and makes her homework

Develop your child’s ability to read

That reading for your child early boosts their interest in books and literature has been proven in numerous studies. It’s also a proven fact that an early interest in reading will be beneficial for their schoolwork further on. At some point, your child will want to start reading on their own as soon as they have cracked the reading code. The ReaderPen is a perfect tool to support your child’s journey to becoming a fluent and independent reader. It can help them with pronunciation and word comprehension, making it easier to take on more challenging books gradually.

Make it easier to learn a new language

Regardless of if you are a child or an adult, learning a new language becomes more manageable if you read, speak and listen to it as much as possible. Every time you come across a new word that you haven’t met before, you want an easy way of finding out how to pronounce it and what it means. With LingoPen, you can do this even when reading a printed book. Just highlight the word and listen. By reading and listening, it’s easier to learn and remember, gradually advancing to even more challenging texts.

A positive learning atmosphere at home with assistive technology in hands

Get the homework done more efficient

Doing homework can be challenging for somebody with reading disabilities. Unlike in school, they don’t have a teacher at hand that can help them. And as a parent or an older sibling, you are not always present when help is needed. With ReaderPen, they can get started on their own and don’t have to wait for assistance. Of course, it’s not intended to replace the support from parents, but it’s a tool that makes the child less dependent on having a person constantly present.

Improve study techniques

Studying sometimes means processing a lot of printed text, like when writing an essay or preparing for a test. Not seldom are the sources published in books or photocopies. Using Connect and a computer or a smartphone, you can quickly scan relevant parts of the text. It’s just like a highlighter pen, with the difference is that the text gets into your computer. Then you can use them as quotes for a paper or share your notes with your classmates. You can also get your notes read out aloud.

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