14 Jun 2023 | 2 min read

How a scanning pen and other tools can create a better work environment for dyslectics

For a person with dyslexia, even the smallest thing in the office can disrupt concentration. Therefore, it is important to design the work environment in a way that allows this person to find calm and focus. We’ll tell you how!

In the work environment, there are a lot of distractions for a person with dyslexia. Except for a constant buzz of people and voices, there can also be music, poor lighting, and uncomfortable furniture. For dyslectic, even the slightest interruptions can disturb concentration and make it difficult to do a good job.

As a manager or HR administrator, you must consider this person’s circumstance when developing work processes and office design. There is a lot that can be done to create a more harmonic work environment for dyslexics – and also their colleagues.

Good and natural lightning

Good lighting is essential for everyone in a workplace and especially people with dyslexia, since poor lighting makes it even harder for them to read and write. Good lighting should, therefore, always be prioritized. Focus on having ample natural light and light with adjustable fixtures that can be adjusted to reduce glare and shadows.

Colors with high contrast

People with dyslexia often have problems reading low-contrast text – for example, light-colored text on a light background. Therefore, it’s important to produce documents or signs containing high-contrast colors—for example, black text on white or light-colored backgrounds.

Ergonomic and adaptable furniture

Comfortable furniture is essential for all employees, but it can be especially beneficial for those with dyslexia who may struggle with long periods of sitting or standing. Furnish your office with ergonomic furniture that can be changed during the working day. Adjustable chairs and desks can help employees find a comfortable position and reduce physical discomfort.

Low sounds and noises

Commonly, people with dyslexia have sensory sensitivities or difficulties with auditory processing. This means that high sounds and excessive noise can be extra challenging, making it hard for them to focus on their daily tasks. Sound-absorbing walls or noise-canceling headphones can be good tools for escaping high noise levels.

Technology aids such as scanning pens

Today many technical aids can make the working day easier for someone with dyslexia. One of the most important is a scanning pen. C-Pen provides several types of powerful pens, all of which facilitate reading and learning. Scan a whole paragraph or single words and listen to the text being read automatically. Perfect for quickly absorbing everything from meeting notes to manuals and reports.

Important to note is that all person with dyslexia has different needs. The most important is to listen to each person’s needs and form a work environment that makes them feel calm, productive, and happy.

Are you thinking about improving the work environment with a scanning pen?

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