11 Apr 2023 | 3 min read

Education on equal terms – how a scanning pen contributes to an inclusive classroom

Today, all students face challenges in their everyday life. Going to school doesn’t only mean happiness and good friends. For some students, a school can be a tough place where they struggle to fit in. A scanning pen can help them take control of their education and give them confidence in the classroom.

For a long time, teachers and staff have tried creating a school climate free from bullying and isolation—an environment where all students feel secure, happy, and confident. Even if plenty has been done, there is still a long way to go to construct an inclusive and equal environment.

Regarding isolation and bullying in school, most focus is on time outside the classroom, such as breaks. But it is important to remember that the time spent inside the classroom is equally important for creating a safe climate.

Isolation in the classroom

In the classroom, the student’s ability and knowledge are in focus. Unlike at breaks, this is a place where the student’s knowledge counts instead of his clothes and hairstyle. For a student suffering from a reading disability, the classroom can be a hard place. The student can feel observed and worried when it’s time for a reading challenge like a math problem.

In many cases, these students need special education, often in a private classroom with a private teacher. The student gets special books and assignments to follow the curriculum more easily. A method like this makes the feeling of loneliness even worse for a student suffering from isolation and makes him feel even more like he doesn’t belong with the rest of the group.

A scanning pen helps

A scanning pen can solve many of these issues. By giving the student a personal scanning pen from C-Pen, he can be a part of regular education easier. A C-Pen is a portable tool that makes reading easier. With the help of the pen, the student simply scans text in textbooks, papers, or boards, and the pen reads the text aloud.

Customized reader speed

The pen is functional with headphones, allowing students to use it without leaving the classroom. Depending on the student’s ability to read and understand read-out text, the pens reader speed can be customized—a slower tempo with more pauses or a faster rate for better productivity. A personalized setting that gives the student more freedom in his learning.


The slim and compact design of the C-Pen makes it easy to carry and, above all, doesn’t cause any attention. The student can easily have the pen in his pen case and take it out whenever needed. No cable is required, and the student can use the pen wireless without contact with any phone or computer. An advantage particularly appreciated in a school for younger students, where screen time often is limited.

In summary, we can state that a scanning pen from C-Pen can minimize isolation in the classroom. It gives the student with a reading disorder a feeling of belonging and the possibility of being a part of regular education.