11 Oct 2023 | 3 min read

Increase your child’s reading spirit – with the help of a scanning pen

In today’s tech era, children’s interest in reading is low. Statistics show that fewer kids read daily, and the struggle becomes even more challenging for those with dyslexia. In this article, we’ll explore how scanning pens can help refresh your child’s joy of reading. Let’s dive in!

In the era of modern technology, reading has never been less prioritized among children. According to a study by the National Literacy Trust, only 25.7% of children and young people in the survey said they read daily. Another study conducted by Scholastic found that only 51% of children read for fun.

These alarming numbers show that today’s generation prioritizes other activities over flipping pages and buying books. Adding dyslexia to the equation makes the situation even more critical. If kids without reading disabilities have trouble finding the reading spirit, what does that mean for children with a reading disability?

For children with dyslexia, all kinds of reading are tricky, especially fiction books and literature. Just making it through a school day reading math problems and fact sheets is hard and probably takes a lot of energy. When they come home, cuddling up on the sofa with a new book is perhaps not the first thing they want to do.

Reading gives many advantages

But reading books has far more advantages than just practicing reading skills. Reading works as a workout for the brain. Children engaging with books develop critical thinking skills, expand their vocabulary, and enhance their comprehension abilities. These cognitive skills lay a solid foundation for academic success and problem-solving later in life.

Reading is also a way for children to transport themselves to different worlds, letting their imagination run wild. Books spark creativity and inspire them to dream big, whether they read about adventures or historical moments.

Books are also an excellent way for children to increase their empathy and social awareness. Many books contain diverse characters and complex storylines, exposing children to various perspectives and cultures. This promotes compassion, tolerance, and a better understanding of the world around them.

Improve reading with a scanning pen

It is safe to say that reading should be prioritized in every child’s life, and parents should spend time motivating them to read by buying or borrowing books. But for parents of dyslexic children, it takes more effort than just handing over a book. Here, the parent might have to sit next to the child during the whole process, helping them explain tricky words or complicated sentences. A job that is not only hard but also time-consuming.

One way to help dyslexic children read more independently is by giving them a scanning pen from C-Pen. For example, with a C-Pen Reader 2, the child can simply scan words or sentences they find difficult, and the pen will read the word and definition out loud, either through headphones or the built-in speakers. The child can then adjust the voice speed to its preferred tempo.

The pen also has additional features that remember words the child has scanned. By plugging the pen into a computer, the child can get an automated wordlist with terms they need to practice.

The pen’s slim and ergonomic design makes it easy for the child to carry around, and its long battery life ensures it functions for an extended period. The voice recording function also allows the child to use the pen for memos to develop vocabulary and pronunciation.

Help increase the love of books

While modern technology competes for children’s attention, the benefits of fostering a reading habit are undeniable. Reading not only exercises young minds but also sparks creativity, empathy, and cognitive skills crucial for future success.

For parents with dyslectic children, it is crucial to always keep the love of reading going. A scanning pen from C-Pen can be an asset for making it more accessible and less time-consuming. With parental support and these smart tools, we can help our children find great joy in reading and embark on a lifelong journey filled with adventures found only in books.