11 Apr 2023 | 2 min read

Personalized education and faster learning – how a scanning pen helps you connect with your students

As a special education teacher, you’re in daily contact with reading disability students. Helping them read is a big part of your job, and your focus is to make their school time as easy as possible. With the help of a scanning pen, the students can get a head start, and you can spend more time focusing on their personality.

As a special education teacher, your job is to work individually with students who suffer from different learning disabilities. Your work involves finding new ways to make learning more manageable and interesting for students with trouble participating in regular education. Being a special education teacher means creating personal connections with students and finding ways to connect with them on a deeper level. When you truly understand your students’ difficulties and struggles, it’s easier to find a way to educate them.

Working with dyslexia

A big part of the job as a special education teacher is working with students struggling with reading disabilities such as dyslexia. According to statistics, 15 percent of the world’s population has trouble with reading and writing. The main problem for people with these types of disabilities is their inability to understand the “reading code.” For them, letters and words are just a mess that is impossible to understand—an irritating state, just as frustrating for the student as for the teacher.

Education with the help of a scanning pen

But there is help. With a scanning pen from C-Pen, your students can understand the read code both faster and easier. The students use to pen to scan text in books or papers, and the pen simply reads it out loud. A student with a reading disability often thinks it’s easier to understand the text when read aloud.

The student can adjust the pen’s reader speed depending on what suits him best. The pen is also equipped white a dictionary function: the student can scan a word, and the pen will read the definition aloud or display it on the screen.

Personalized word list

If you want more functions, there is also a possibility to connect the pen, computer, phone, or tablet. For example, scanned text parts can later be displayed in a digital document. The pen can also remember and save words that the students often scan and later present in a word list. The word list benefits you as a teacher since you get a clear overview of what words you and your student should practice more in your sessions.

More time to connect

A scanning pen from C-Pen is an excellent investment for you and your student. The pen improves the student’s learning process and makes it easier to understand the “reading code.” You get to spend less time practicing vocabulary and more time connecting with the student’s mind and personality. Advantages that the students will benefit from in the long run, both in school and in everyday life.