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ExamReader firmware upgrade

NOTE: it is important to read through the information below prior to making any upgrade – making sure all steps taken are correct. A faulty upgrade may cause the product to malfunction.



To upgrade you’ll need:

Back side ExamReader


Upgrading compatibility

See firmware history.

ExamReader serial number range Firmware version
Lower than 2415317120000000 Not possible to upgrade.
2415317120000000 – 2415319029999999 Possible to upgrade to version 7.1.73.
2415319030000000 and higher Possible to upgrade to latest version.

Prepare for upgrade – IMPORTANT

  1. Make sure the ExamReader battery is charged to at least 50%.
    • Check in Settings\System Information\Charge
  2. Check serial number of your ExamReader
  3. Connect ExamReader to the computer using the micro-USB cable.
    • On ExamReader, navigate to Settings\System Information\Version.
    • Press MENU button on ExamReader.
    • Now ExamReader shall appear as a portable drive on the computer.


The upgrade process

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