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ExamReader firmware upgrade

NOTE: it is important that the steps below are followed and that compatibility is secured prior to making any upgrade.


Check HERE for firmware history.


In order to upgrade you’ll need…

Your ExamReader

A micro-USB cable

A computer (MAC, Windows or Linux)

Current software version and serial number of your ExamReader

Go to Settings\System Information\Version and check Software version

Serial number is printed on the Examreader box and on the back side of the ExmReader itself.

Back side ExamReader


Upgrade options

To get started, click on the tab below that shows your ExamReader’s current software version.


My ExamReader software is version 7.1.76

If ExamReader serial number is 241531903xxxxxxx or higher, it can be updated to the latest version (7.1.77).

Step 1: Download, unzip and save the upgrade file on your computer (re. to videos below for more details).

Click HERE to download.

Step 2: Connect Examreader to your computer and enable it as a portable drive.

Power on Examreader.

Connect the USB cable.

Navigate to Settings\System Information\Version in ExamReader display.

Press the MENU button.

ExamReader will now appear as a portable disk on your computer.

Step 3: Copy the upgrade file to ExamReader portable disk.
Step 4: Disconnect Examreader and trigger the upgrade.

Disconnect the USB cable.

Press OK button three (3) times.

ExamReader is now upgrading and will revert back to normal mode once the upgrade is completed.


Watch these videos to see how to unzip/extract the upgrade file.


My ExamReader software is version 7.1.73

If ExamReader serial number is 241531903xxxxxxx or higher, it can be updated to latest version (7.1.76).

NOTE: the same download file applies independent if using Windows, MAC or Linux – except that the included upgrade exe file is for Windows only.

To proceed, download THIS upgrade file.

Save the downloaded .zip file. This is a large file and it will take some time to download unless you have a really speedy internet connection.

Right click and Open the zip file to view the content. Check here for additional instructions or if you use MAC/Linux.

Right click and select Open the .exe file.

Select Extract all content.

In the new window, right click and Open ExamReaderFWUpgrade.exe to run it.

Follow instruction provided in the upgrade tool.


This video shows how to extract the downloaded zip and get the upgrade tool running.




My Examreader software is version 7.1.69

Download firmware version 7.1.73.

Unzip and extract the file with .bin extension. Place it in a folder of your choice on your computer (e.g. in the Download folder or on the Desktop).

Copy the .bin file to the USB drive (“ExamReader drive”).

Right click on the portable “ExamReader drive” on the computer and select to Eject it.

Disconnect ExamReader from the computer.

Press OK button thre (3) times and accept (Yes) to upgrade.

The upgrade may take 10 minutes and ExamReader will reboot automatically when done.

Other ExamReader software versions

These ExamReaders are unfortunately not upgradeable.

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