2 Apr 2020

Announcement – LingoPen

LingoPen(TM) is the most recent member in the C-Pen product family. While ExamReader is your assistive reader and ReaderPen improves your literacy – LingoPen is angled towards language learning. LingoPen


With LingoPen you easily challenge and boost yourself reading and learning an additional language.

Like it’s siblings, LingoPen is stand-alone device with display, rechargeable battery, internal memory and a powerful CPU and features text reading, text storageand voice memo recording.

The NEWS here is the 21 bilingual Oxford dictionaries, assisting with language understanding.

Whether you are challenged by pronunciation or understanding, LingoPen supports you. To practice and learning, it is simple to scan and store text snippets to allow repeated reading/listening for improved learning.

LingoPen also connects to MAC, Windows, Linux or ChromeBook computers – with no need to install any specific software. Connect it to the computer and upload your previously stored local text files, or use the C-PEN Keyboard feature and scan text directly into e.g. MS Word och Google Docs.


UPDATE 2020-04-07: Combining use of LingoPen with Connect Desktop app will boost use of Scan-to-File and note taking.

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