C-Pen ReaderPen

C-Pen Reader 2

Supporting reading and literacy – based on the very popular ReaderPen.

Reading and learning – based on the very popular ReaderPen.

Improvements and new features

  • Semi graphical user interface for improved accessibility.
  • More powerful CPU and more memory.
  • Latest AI based embedded OCR technology.
  • Faster speech for improved productivity. Still supporting lower pace reading with pauses and programmable delay.
  • Audio Boost feature, making it easier to use in various environments.
  • Improved accessibility of word definitions.
  • NEW: Practice recent words – pronunciation and definitions.

Everything is embedded and there is no need for smartphones, computers or internet!

Accessibility, literacy and learning

Become a fluent and independent reader and improve literacy with the help of C-Pen Reader 2.


With C-Pen Reader 2 you are an independent reader, able to read any printed text on your own. Depending on your need, scan full paragraphs or single words and listen to the text being read out automatically.


Definitions of words are just a few clicks away. If you get stuck on a word, listen to it being read out, and access the explanation of the word – read out aloud to you – with just a few click.

Practice and learn

It is well proven that multi-sensory learning is far more efficient than single-sensory learning. Listen to word or paragraphs being read out to you while at the same time visually following along on the screen or in the textbook – and learn faster.

A well proven memorization technique is spaced repetition. The on-pen Practice function let you practice words you have found especially difficult lately. Spend a few minutes at the end of the day and practice pronunciation and understanding. C-Pen Reader 2 automatically spaces your repetition by allowing you to practice <today’s word>, <this week’s words>.


  • C610ERS G2 AI based OCR

    AI based character recognition: C-Pen Reader 2 features an AI based character recognition - supporting more fonts and is less dependent on print quality.

  • C610ERS G2 Audio Boost

    Audio Boost: The Audio Boost feature provides a slightly higher volume which may come handy in noisy environments.

  • C610R G2 Practice

    Practice with words: C-Pen Reader 2 keeps track of words scanned and read out aloud and words looked up in dictionaries. Based on "your own" words, C-Pen Reader 2 provides instant words games allowing you to practice pronunciations and definitions.

  • C610RS easy accessible word definitions

    Easier to access definitions: Words often have multiple definitions. C-Pen Reader 2 processes the dictionary definitions and display these definitions one by one, making it easier to access each definition. Long-press UP/DOWN to step between definitions and press OK to listen to them one by one.

  • C610ERS G2 fast speech

    Increased reading speed: Still supporting slow, word by word reading, C-Pen Reader 2 also supports faster reading.

  • C610ERS G2 iconic

    Graphical user interface: C-Pen Reader 2 uses app icons to make it easier for users with cognitive differences to navigate.

  • C610ERS G2 speed and performance

    Featuring a 1.2GHz dual core CPU, the overall C-Pen Reader 2 performance is better than its predecessor's.

Scan languages

Recognises English, French, Spanish and Italian


Speaks in American English, Australian English, British English, Indian English, Irish English, Scottish English, French, European Spanish, Latin Spanish, Italian

NO wifi

NO wifi required - completely self contained.

Up to 5 GB user space

Stores 600,000+ pages of text or 3 days of continuous voice memo.

Compatible software