14 Jun 2023 | 3 min read

Break the stigma – how a scanning pen can make dyslexia less tabu in the workplace

Even though dyslexia occurs in many people, the subject is often tabu, especially in workplaces. Break the stigma by using a scanning pen. The pen is an excellent conversation starter that helps you approach the subject more casually.

Approximately 10 % of the world’s population struggles with dyslexia, meaning that there is undoubtedly more than one person at your workplace with reading and writing problems. Maybe that person is someone of your closest team members, but you don’t know since no one talks about it.

Tabu in the workplace

Having dyslexia is often something many people are ashamed of and afraid to talk about around others. There is a significant stigma around dyslexia in our society, and the workplace is no exception. A stigma needs to be broken because dyslexia is a subject that needs to be brought out in the open.

A scanning pen from C-Pen is one way to break the stigma and lower the barriers. A person with dyslexia can use a scanning pen to understand different text types easier. They scan a word, sentence, or paragraph, and the pen reads the content aloud. A scanning pen is an excellent example of how modern technology can facilitate work life for people with dyslexia.

Modern technology as an icebreaker

Modern technology also has a way of grabbing other people’s attention, and a scanning pen can work as an icebreaker to get into the dyslexia topic. People will probably be curious about the pen and ask how it works. For you as a person with dyslexia, this is a great moment to inform about it and inspire others to use technology as support.

Work independently with a scanning pen

A scanning pen makes it easier for people with dyslexia to work independently and solve tasks on the same terms as everybody else. In the past, these people may have received special reading material to follow content easier, but with the help of the pen, they can now follow the same material as everyone else. The pen doesn’t only make the distribution easier; it also gives more independence. At the same time, it lowers the barriers between co-workers and gives everybody the same right.

Increase confidence with a scanning pen

A scanning pen is also a huge confidence booster for people with dyslexia, and handling tasks that previously seemed difficult gets easier. The pen can help with reading difficult words aloud, and it can also help with translating international texts. A scanning pen aims to make working life as easy as possible for people with dyslexia.

To break the stigma, everyone with dyslexia must dare to take space and talk about their situation. Technology tools such as scanning pens can be excellent conversion starters to approach the subject more easily and explain dyslexia. It’s about showing all advantages, talking about them naturally, and not judging. By owning the disability and its tools, a more permissive climate for the future generation can be created.

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