Girl using a marker pen
1 Jul 2021 | 0 min read

Pens that scan text to computer

Pens that scan text to computer, a.k.a. digital highlighters, is a fine example of when the analogue and digital worlds merge. These pens are designed primarily to make studies and jobs with heavy paperwork easier. Instead of taking notes and then retype them to write your papers and reports, you put notes, quotes, numbers and data right into your computer. By doing so, you may skip the handwritten notes altogether.

How pens that scans text to computers works

Pens that scan text to computer is a handheld, small device, often resembling a normal highlighter. You attach it to a computer using a USB cable and then scan your handwritten text, or text in a book or a document, and transfers it to applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Before use, you need to insert the disc that comes with the digital highlighter into your computer and download the software. Also, look for new updates since the manufacturer occasionally improves the software. This to make sure your pen that scans text to computer works as it should.

When activated, for example, the C-PEN TS1 Digital Highlighter starts to shine a light on the text, simply ”highlighting” it. Then the text instantly appears by the text cursor in the application active on the computer.

Pen that scans text to computer

Pens that scan text to computer comes in handy in thousands of situations. The most obvious is when you need to gather information from a book or a document, but also for translating menus at a restaurant or perhaps digitize handwritten letters. Several professionals can save a big amount of hours spent on retyping their work by using pens that scan text to computer, for example, doctors, teachers, writers, lawyers or administrative workers. Of course, it is an ideal tool for students, but also for dyslexic persons due to the digital highlighters text-to-speech technology. This feature turns any scanned text to audio for you to listen to. The option is great for children and visually impaired as well.

Different kinds of pens that scan text to computers

Today there are a lot of different pens that scan text to computers on the market. The C-PEN TS1 Digital Highlighter is one of the most compact and robust scanner pens on the market. It captures notes and quotes from textbooks and papers, transferring numbers and data into business systems and supports TTS, the text-to-speech function, plus over 100 different languages including Latin, Cyrillic and Greek alphabet. It has a scanning speed up to 25 cm/s and reads characters with a size of 5-28 points. It also comes with a suitable desk stand.