image of the USB-connected digital highlighter C-Pen TS1

TS1 (G2)

C-PEN TS1™ (G2) is direct successor of the original TS1 and a USB connected scanner pen/digital highlighter. It works connected to a computer (PC/MAC).

TS1 is compatible with C-Pen Core software.

Secure the quality of data

To bridge the gap between printed text and the computer C-Pen has developed the USB-connected digital highlighter TS1. Anything you highlight is instantly scanned and pasted into your computers’ active application, like Word and Excel or your CRM or ERP system. Besides making your job easier, it also secures the quality of the data and reduces reading errors.

C-Pen TS1 (G2) is the successor of the original and popular TS1. We’ve secured the performance and updated the camera solution to also support very small font sizes.


As easy as marking text with a highlighter


Scanning speed up to 25 cm/s


C-Pen Core companion app supports 100+ OCR languages.


USB connectivity allows for easy and secure connectivity

Compatible software

Product data sheet