11 Apr 2023 | 3 min read

Reduce planning and make teaching more efficient with a scanning pen

Big groups, tight schedule, and advanced curriculum. Teaching today is tough, and many different tasks are included in the teacher’s role. Being there for all students is challenging, especially those with reading disabilities. With the help of a scanning pen, teachers can give their students more attention and reduce planning time.

During the last ten years, the teaching profession has changed. It is going from a strict educational focus to a hectic job filled with many other administrational tasks such as correcting exams, writing reviews, and producing emails. The pressure is hard both from the school management and not least from the parents. The student’s grades are at stake, and it’s essential to follow the curriculum, which gets more and more advanced.

Teaching is set aside

For many teachers, the essential part of the profession is to teach. To see the students develop, learn, and take the first step toward adulthood. Personal connection is important, and by giving every single student enough time and patience, there is room for development.

Unfortunately, time is a shortage, and many teachers feel there isn’t enough time for every student. The lectures must be smart, efficient, and engaging, requiring careful planning in advance. It’s hard to be spontaneous and listen to the immediate needs in the classroom, which makes it especially hard for a student with reading disabilities.

A student with reading disabilities often gets put away in another room with special textbooks and assignments that the teacher quickly has put together. A situation not good for either the student or teacher, that both feel insufficient.

A scanning pen facilitates teaching

With a scanning pen from C-Pen, you, as a teacher, can save yourself some time and give your students with reading disabilities better learning conditions. A C-Pen is a portable pen that facilitates reading. The student scans the text in a book or paper, and the pen reads it aloud. This efficient method allows the student to follow regular lectures and books. The pen lets you give the same assignment to a whole class, knowing everyone can understand and follow it.

A user-friendly tool

The C-Pen has many perks; one of the most significant is its user-friendliness. The pen is easy to start and learn, and navigation is straightforward, even if it contains many different functions as customized reader speed and Bluetooth connection. The design is slim and compact, which makes it easy to carry around. The student can have the pen in his backpack and easily bring it between classes.

The pen can be helpful in all subjects, not just theoretical ones. The pen can, for example, be useful in sewing class, where the student must follow sewing instructions or text on the sewing machine. Also, in sports, the pen can be a helpful tool during theoretical moments.

Reduces isolation in the classroom

Giving your student a scanning pen doesn’t not only help them read and understand but also gives them confidence—a feeling of managing assignments on their own and being independent. A scanning pen can also help to reduce the feeling of isolation and loneliness since it gives the student more possibilities to be a part of regular education.

Save yourself time and reduce your lecture planning by investing in a C-Pen for your students with reading disabilities. I will not only make your lesson more efficient, but it will also make your group more welded together. The pen gives you more time for the core value of a teacher – helping the student develop and learn.