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Does ExamReader work with a computer?

No, ExamReader is a “closed system” and only works stand-alone. This is a requirement to have the product allowed for use in exams.


Does DictionaryPen work with a computer?

Yes it does.
It is possible to connect DictionaryPen to almost any computer, phone or tablet supporting USB Host (in principle all computers) or USB OTG.

Check the video below for more information about functionality.

Does ReaderPen work with a computer?

Yes it does.
It is possible to connect ReaderPen to almost any computer, phone or tablet supporting USB Host (in principle all computers) or USB OTG.

Check the video below for more information about functionality.

Finding TS1 serial number

This is where you find the TS1 serial number.


DictionaryPen firmware upgrade

ReaderPen firmware upgrade

NOTE: it is important that the steps below are followed and that compatibility is secured prior to making any upgrade.


To upgrade you’ll need:


Upgrading compatibility

ReaderPen serial number range Firmware version
2415415110000251-500 Not possible to upgrade.
241541601xxxxxxx – 241541604xxxxxxx Possible to upgrade to version 7.0.69.
241541605xxxxxxx – 2415417100009359 Possible to upgrade to version 7.0.89.
2415417100009360 and higher Possible to upgrade to latest version.


Prepare for upgrade – IMPORTANT

  1. Make sure the ReaderPen battery is charged to at least 50%.
    • Check in Settings\System Information\Charge
  2. Connect the ReaderPen to your computer using the micro-USB cable and select U-disk mode.
  3. Backup your content by upload any data you may have on the device to a computer (the folders e_History, e_Music, e_Recorder, e_ScanFile). See THIS video for reference.
  4. On ReaderPen – go to Settings\Default settings and reset your device.
    • This operation will clean the ReaderPen from any user data – make sure you have secured it.
    • This step is important to secure sufficient space for the upgrade.
    • If memory space is insufficient, upgrade will fail and may cause the ReaderPen to malfunction.
  5. Check serial number of your ReaderPen


The upgrade process

The device (DictionaryPen)

  1. Power On/Off & Back button: Press 3 seconds to power device on or off. Press briefly to use as cancel function in the user interface
  2. OK button: When a dialog box or options list pops up, press this button to confirm the operation.
  3. Up/Down/Left/Right: Press buttons to move focus or cursor.
  4. Scan Trigger: When scanning, the Scan Trigger is automatically pressed to activate scanning.
  5. Screen: The device’s display screen.
  6. Speaker: Used for audio output. Muted when headphones are connected.
  7. Mic: To record voice memos.
  8. Menu button: Press this button to display context menu (like mouse right click on PC) settings when available.
  9. Scanning window: Frames the text to be scanned.
  10. Headphone jack: A standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. Speaker is muted when headphones are connected.
  11. Micro USB connector: Used for charging the battery and connecting to USB Host. To charge, connect to USB charger or computer USB port.
  12. Reset button: Pressing this button resets the device. It is recommended to use this button only when the device cannot be turned off properly.


First use (DictionaryPen)

DictionaryPen is a self-contained product that works both stand-alone and connected to a computer.

It can be used to scan and store text, look up words definition in dictionaries, listen to word pronunciations, and record voice memos.

Additionally, it can double as USB disk and keyboard.

But before getting started, read and watch below.


Power on

Make sure the product is charged. Press the On/Off button for three seconds to power on ReaderPen (boot sequence takes about 10 seconds).

Left/Right Hand

Select whether to use the product with left or right hand. Enter SettingsLeft/Right-Handed to select. Press OK to confirm and then Back to get back to Main menu.

To continue, check How to scan, and Scan to File, Dictionary, and Recorder.


Exam Lock (ReaderPen)

To enable use of ReaderPen in tests, it is possible to “lock down” some all but Texter Reader function. Doing this disables the accesss to dictionaries or any stored content (text and audio files).

Exam Lock is protected by a PIN code to prohibit the student to unlock during the test. The same PIN is used to unlock to normal mode.



ReaderPen and DictionaryPen both features a voice memo function (Recorder) allowing recording of e.g. audio to-do lists or thoughts about a specific subject discussed in class.

It is possible to set audio quality and format, and also possible to upload the audio files to a computer.