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ReaderPen video user guide

The below video contains multiple sections. Click the three stripes in the upper left corner for a list.

ReaderPen quick start guide (multilingual)

Download [405.37 KB]

Does the pen(s) work with USB-C?

USB-C is a physical specification compatible with the earlier protocols used by the various C-PEN models.
A USB-C to USB-A adapter is however required.

ReaderPen firmware upgrade

Can I upgrade the ReaderPen firmware ?

ReaderPen firmware is possible to upgrade. See upgrade page for details.


Can’t unlock Exam Lock?

When Exam Lock is activated, all functions except Text Reader are disabled. For more details about Exam Lock, check the video above.

To unlock ReaderPen, re-enter the PIN selected when locking.

If the PIN is lost, then

  1. connect ReaderPen to a computer,
  2. select U-disk mode,
  3. locate the ReaderPen (removable C610R) drive on the computer,
  4. erase the “lock” file,
  5. eject the removable C610R drive and
  6. disconnect the USB cable.

Now ReaderPen should work in normal unlocked mode again.


The pen only reads gibberish / do not read at all

We are confident that reading/scanning performance of our products are very good.
To eliminate some reasons for bad scan result, please start using something with clear printed black tet on white background (e.g. a textbook).
Then confirm that:
  1. Scan Language is set to correct language.
  2. The device is set up for Left/Right Hand use – subject to how you use it. See this video for details.
  3. Confirm that scanning is made according to instructions in the above video. Note that is shall be rather straight up from the paper and moved straight at a steady speed.

Should the C-PEN still not recognise the text properly then please shoot a short video showing the failing scan process and submit a ticket to us on this site.


Can the dictionary be turned off?
If the ReaderPen firmware version is 7.0.89 or newer there is a setting called Exam Lock that disables Scan to File, Dictionary and Recorder and leaves only Text Reader active.
If the firmware is older it is possible to update. Check here for details.
For DictionaryPen it is not possible to turn off dictionaries.


Warranty and returns

General returns: The general return policy is subject to the policy of the reseller selling the product. If you want to buy and try, check the reseller’s policy prior to making the purchase.

Warranty: Unless otherwise regulated by laws in the country where the product is purchased, 12 months warranty applies.

The warranty does not apply to defects occurring due to normal wear and tear, or if the product has been disassembled and/or altered. Further, as an exception to the general warranty, the battery of the product (if any) is warranted against defects occurring only within the first six (6) months after the product was received¹.

In case of a warranty claim, contact the local reseller.

If preferred, the defect unit can be sent directly to C-PEN for replacement (NOT refund).  Customer will then have to cover the shipping cost to C-PEN (located in Sweden, Europe), and C-PEN will cover shipping cost for sending a replacement product to the customer.

In cases where the defect cannot be reproduced, C-PEN will NOT charge any investigation fee, but return shipment to the customer will be charged.


¹ See Battery maintenance for recommendations to maximize battery lifetime.


Which product should i buy?

C-PEN products are divided into two categories: Education and Productivity.

Education includes ExamReader, ReaderPen, and DictionaryPen and are designed to promote independent reading and learning. Typical users include people with dyslexia, visually impaired people, people with special educational needs, or people studying in a language other then their first one.

Productivity refers to C-PEN products (i.e. the TS1) used to capture notes and quotes from textbooks or papers, or to enter printed text and numbers into business systems.


For more detailed specification, visit the Product page.