6 Feb 2019

BETT Award 2019

For the 3rd consecutive time C-PEN Education products has been nominated for BETT Awards.


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ExamReader is a reading pen for exams (approved by e.g. JCQ in UK). Check availability with the special needs coordinator in your school.

ReaderPen is your daily companion for reading, understanding and learning.


With close to three years on the market both ExamReader and ReaderPen has proven to be very popular. With their ability to read text out loud, these two pieces of assistive technology have enabled many reluctant readers to become active and independent learners. Active because, as opposed to passively listen to a piece of text being read, the students actually actively read themselves. The pen is a tool to get through the difficult sections or to verify your own reading and with that make it possible to focus on content rather than single words.

The fact that any printed text is made available enables independency. No need to wait for a human reader, no need to wait for a digital copy of the text to be read out on a computer, no need for an audio copy. Instead, read any book, anytime, anywhere. That is independency. And independency builds confidence. Just imagine being able to read your first book on your own.


Another upside is class room environment. When less time and effort is spent on reading aid, more time can be spent on teaching and learning.

All together, this has allowed these reading pens to become a much requested and respected global assistive technology. With an ear to the ground and regular improvements and updates we try our best to support our customers’ need to improve their reading experience. This portable discreet device has empowered many students with a positive attitude to their studies, and to reading.

Finally, a congrats to our distributor Scanning Pens Ltd. who managed to win the Exporter of the Year award at BETT 2019.

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