3 Apr 2020

Boost ReaderPen notes with Connect Desktop app

Not too long ago we launched our Connect Desktop app with the main objective to enable our Bluetooth digital highlighter C-Pen Connect to scan text to computers.

But Connect Desktop app has a hidden superpower that makes it a great companion to our ReaderPen as well. ReaderPen’s Scan-to-File function saves your scans as .txt files – and these files are easily accessed by Connect Desktop.


After you have digitized the content you want to save, read, remember and learn simply connect the ReaderPen to your computer and select U-disk. Right-click on the text file saved in your ReaderPen and open with Connect Desktop. From here, the text file can be edited, it can be listened to, and a local copy can be saved on your computer.

The procedure in images

The images show how it looks on Windows, but it is just as powerful on MAC.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Some background…

Check the videos below if you need some more background on Connect Desktop app or some ReaderPen user advice.