Connect Cloud

Connect Cloud is service available to boost Connect Desktop & Mobile apps. Simply sign up for free from within either of the apps.

Create a Connect Cloud account

Step 1: Download and install either Connect Desktop or Connect Mobile.

Step 2: Walk through the start up wizard. At the end you are invited to create an account. Sign up – it is free.

Free features

Access your files from multiple devices

Sign in to Connect Cloud on your computer (Connect Desktop) and your smartphone (Connect Mobile) and access your files seamlessly from both devices. All and any edits are automatically updated on all connected devices.

Share files, statistics and word lists

Create groups and share your files. Your notes can be shared with your friends for collaboration – any changes are instantly available for anyone in the group.

Students can share word statistics with their teachers, enabling easy update of words they find most difficult and teachers can generate and share tailored word lists for student to practice.

Screenshot of Connect Desktop app

Paid features

When signing up for Connect Cloud account there is always a free trial period.


A paid Connect Cloud license provides access to multiple first tier monolingual dictionaries – providing thorough definitions of word. Select the word and have an instant explanation.

Screenshot of Connect Desktop app



Translate single word, paragraph of complete text files.

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