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C-PEN® - The original pen scanner brand

C-PEN® is the original pen scanner brand. The products comprise of a patented camera technology and an in-system Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that together instantly capture and process printed text. The C-PEN products are specifically developed with productivity and assistive technology for reading and learning in mind.

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What is a pen scanner?

Pen scanner is a collective term for different types of digital pens that scans text. Some of the them
reads the text out loud and are used by persons with dyslexia. Other kinds of digital pens translates
the scanned text to other languages and comes in handy for new citizens. What pen scanners have in
common is that they facilitate daily life in one way or another.

How do I use a pen scanner?

With a scanning pen you can pass the nib across the paper, mark up sentences, quotes or numbers
and then it appears in the program on your computer. Working with or studying languages a digital
pen can explain the meaning of the words and read them to you. Pen scanners also supports
independent learning in several ways for students with reading difficulties.

Pen scanners at C-Pen

Our pen scanners comes with a variety of features. We have a reading pen that reads the text aloud, defines the meaning of the words, stores text and has a voice memo function. The translator pen translates and pronounces words based on nine OXFORD Academic and English Language Teaching (ELT) dictionaries. If you study, doing research or work in admin a digital highlighter can ease your task, saving both time and effort.

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