Which product should i buy?

Though most C-Pen pen scanner models are very flexible and possible to use for a variety of purposes (capture notes and quotes, enter data to computers, read text out aloud, etc.) they are each designed with a specific purpose in mind to optimize usability.

We recommend to read about how to use C-Pen products in school, at work or at home. Each page refers to recommended C-Pen models.

For more details about the products, read about them on the products page.

Feel free to post a ticket to our Helpdesk in you need more information.

Brief selection guide

NOTE: different models support different languages. Check product details and make sure your language is supported.

For assistive text reading

This is our recommendations:

Before making any decision – make sure your language is supported.

To capture notes and quotes

TS1 supports a vast number of languages and work with MAC & Windows computers.

Connect is wireless and works with both computers, tablets and mobiles.

ReaderPen and LingoPen works stand-alone and can store notes internally – and upload them to a computer at a later time.

Text and data entry to computer

TS1 is USB connected and includes features to automatically replace commas with period marks (e.g. for numbers in Excel).

Connect is wireless and flexible.